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Of late the amount of cricket injuries to the cricketers of team India is increasing rapidly. In recent past there are cases when player(s) had gone on foreign tour hiding his [their] injury, which showed up only during the course of play. This had had placed the team in some precarious position within the midst of the tour some times necessitating SOS involves replacement from home.

Players know alright that they’re going to only aggravate some nagging pain or recurring Cricket injuries, if they don’t allow it proper rest. they’re also alright conscious of the very fact that they’re going to peril their own playing life if they continue the sport with the persisting Cricket injuries.

Why is it then that Indian cricketers hide their Cricket injuries and take the danger of playing for the national team? Is it sheer love of the sport or burning patriotism, which push them to undertake such risk? Perhaps non! Perhaps it’s the lure of lucre. Perhaps it’s the fear of losing one’s position within the team.Today everyone knows that pile is involved in international cricket and playing for the national team not only enables the cricketers get heavy pay envelope from the BCCI but an area within the national side also ensures advertisement contracts involving astronomical amounts in terms of cash .

Most of the players also are considerably aware that now the competition is extremely , very though and one isn’t sure barring in fact a player like Sachin Tendulkar that even after a forced absence from some matches thanks to Cricket injuries, ones place will remain secure within the team. If the substitute player performs well, then the first player might find it difficult to form a come . Haunted by this fear, the player hides his injury and tries to tug on with it goodbye as possible.Now the foremost pertinent question is; why in the least the cases of cricket injuries among Indian players became so rampant all of a sudden? The team physio and therefore the experts have acknowledged that the injured players don’t get sufficient time and rest for recuperation. this is often because the Indian cricket calendar is heavily burdened with international matches.

India plays more international cricket than the other country within the world. deem example, the last 12 months period ranging from last year’s World Cup cricket championship to the top of Indian’s last tour of Australia. The ODI World Cup cricket championship 2007 was played from March 14 to April 28th and India’s last tour of Australia ended on March 4th 2008. in between Indian players never enjoyed a full month’s rest at a stretch from cricket. the planet cup ended on 28th April and Indian team after coming back from the West Indies began a tour of Bangladesh to play 3 one dayers and two test matches starting form may 10th. Immediately after coming back from the Bangladesh tour, the Indian team had to rush to Great Britain to play against Ireland, South Africa , Scotland, Pakistan then England. The arduous 2 and a half-month long tour ended on September 8th. From London itself the team had to fly to South Africa to participate within the first ever twenty20 World Cup championship from 9/11 to 24. coming back from South Africa Dhoni’s men had to require on the planet one-day champions Australia for a 1 twenty20 match and 7 matches ODI series played from September 29th to October 17. Then came the tough five ODI match series and three match game series against out arch rival Pakistan spread between November 5 and December 12. The eventful [cricket wise] year came to an end but not the ordeal of the Indian masters.

In December itself the team India had to measure the shores once more , this point for Australia to require on the planet champions for a 4 match game series which started from December 26th followed by a 20-20 match and a triangular at some point series involving three teams host Australia, India and Sri Lanka . The triangular series ended on 4th march, and Indian team returned home on 6th instant.So much for the last 12 months. there’s no respite for the players for the approaching 6 months either. The team is now engaged during a 3 test matches home series against South Africa , which can endways April 15th. this may be followed by the Indian premier league from April 18th to May 23. Asia cup [June 2008], test and at some point series against Bangladesh, Sri Lanka [July 23 to august 29] and ICC champions’ trophy [September 11 to 28]. Any player participating in numerous matches week after week runs the danger of becoming jaded and Cricket injuries prone. Therefore to cope up with the heavy international schedule, the much wanted rotation policy [is there any?] might be implemented to the complete .

If the highest players of the country from a pool of say 20-25 are utilized in different matches judiciously and alternately, it’s hoped that the matter of fitness and Cricket injuries might be tackled successfully.

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