Arun Jaitley stadium pitch report, stats, history 2022

Arun Jaitley stadium previously known as Feroz Shah Kotla Ground is one of the most popular grounds in india. Today we are going to discuss all details about this ground so read this article till the end. 

Arun Jaitley stadium pitch report:-

Arun Jaitley stadium

As if now we don’t have enough data of international cricket but if we consider the IPL then we will have enough data. IPL has been hosted in this ground since 2008. 

At the beginning years of the ipl this ground pitch was bowling friendly. It was hard to score runs for a batsman but in the last few years this pitch has changed his nature.

In the last few years the average score of batting 1st team is 165 which is nice according to the T20 standards.

But this pitch also helps the bowlers because when most of the matches are played at night, fast bowlers could get some swing at this ground. 

This pitch is usually dry in nature so spinners could get some spin in the second inning. 

So, batting first is a nice option but dew factor is also important here. If the captain thinks dew is going to come then he can Bowl first. This all depends on the captains how they assist the pitch.

But overall batting first is a nice option because while chasing pressure off the scoreboard can be dangerous.

Average target Chased


Average Target Defend


Highest total Chased

211 runs

Lowest Total defended

143 runs

Arun Jaitley ground establishment:-

The Ground was built in 1883 at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Delhi.This ground was built by the Delhi cricket association. This is India’s second oldest cricket ground after Eden gardens, Kolkata. 

This ground was given the name of the fort which is situated in Delhi i.e Feroz Shah Kotla. 

Arun Jaitley ground history:-

Historically this venue is very nice for India. Many memorable matches are played here. This is the second oldest cricket ground built in India after Eden gardens, Kolkata.

The first test match played here was India vs West Indies in 1948 and first ODI (One Day International) in 1982 between India vs Sri Lanka.

This is the ground where Anil Kumble took 10 wickets against Pakistan in a Test Match and became the second person to take 10 wickets in an innings after Jim Laker.

Arun Jaitley stadium capacity:-

This ground Was established in 1883 with seating capacity of 41,820 at present. Which is a very big number. This ground is always full with fans in India’s matches. This ground is also the home ground of Delhi Capitals which makes this ground very famous.

Arun Jaitley stadium location:-

Arun Jaitley Ground is situated in Delhi which is India’s Capital near Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. 

Arun Jaitley ground size and dimension

Boundary length

Off side65 m
on side 65 m
stadium end68 m
pavilion end68 m

Arun Jaitley stadium stats:-

First Test: November 1948

First ODI: September 1982

IPL Statistics:-

1Total Matches77
2won batting 1st35
3won bowling 1st41
4Avg 1st Ing score164
5Avg 2nd Ing score145
6Highest total DC-231/4
7Lowest total DC-66/10
8Highest total chased 
9Lowest total defended

T20I Statistics:-

1Total Matches7
2won batting 1st3
3won bowling 1st4
4Avg 1st Ing score156
5Avg 2nd Ing score145
6Highest total 211/4 (20 Ov) by IND vs SA
7Lowest total 120/10 (19.3 Ov) by SL vs SA
8Highest total chased212/3 (19.1 Ov) by IND vs SA 
9Lowest total defended142/7 (20 Ov) by ENG vs AFG

Test Statistics:-

1Total Matches34
2won batting 1st6
3won bowling 1st13
4Avg 1st Ing score352
5Avg 2nd Ing score323
6Avg 3rd Ing score239
7Avg 4th Ing score173
8Highest total644/8 (214 Ov) by WI vs IND
9Lowest total75/10 (30.5 Ov) by IND vs WI

ODI Statistics:-

1Total Matches25
2won batting 1st12
3won bowling 1st12
4Avg 1st Ing score234
5Avg 2nd Ing score212
6Highest total 330/8 (50 Ov) by WI vs NED
7Lowest total 115/10 (31.3 Ov) by NED vs WI
8Highest total chased281/4 (40.5 Ov) by IND vs SL
9Lowest total defended167/10 (43.4 Ov) by IND vs PAK

Where is Arun jaitley stadium?

Arun Jaitley stadium is situated near bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Delhi

Is Arun Jaitley Stadium batting pitch?

Arun Jaitley stadium pitch is neither batting friendly nor bowling friendly. It is a neutral type of pitch.

Who made Arun Jaitley stadium

Delhi cricket association ma de Arun Jaitley stadium in 1883.

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