Top 10 best bowlers in the world, in all formats.

Top 10 best bowlers in the world, in all formats.

Today I am going to discuss my top 10 bowlers. In the previous one, I discussed my top 10 cricketers. As you know my ranking is going to be on the basis of the latest performances of the bowlers.

Best bowlers in the world

Top 10 bowlers in the world

10] Rashid Khan

  1. Rashid Khan is a dangerous bowler, who gives trouble to the batsman.
  2. He spins the ball with pace which makes his bowling more difficult.
  3. Sometimes batsman can get confused as he cannot even see his ball coming.
  4. More of his wickets are against Bangladesh, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. That’s the reason for him to be on number 10 in my ranking,
  5. as once he plays against the bigger teams and takes wickets against them, then he will become a world-class bowler.

9] Chris Woakes

  1. Chris Woakes, He has excellent line-in-length.
  2. He played well for England last year and helped them to win the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
  3. I don’t think people discuss him enough as per his performances at home and overseas.
  4. What makes him different from other England Bowlers that he gives great performances not only at home but overseas as well.
  5. I was thinking of a higher ranking for him but he is not that consistent with his performances.

8] Lockie Ferguson.

  1. A top-quality bowler and he has recently emerged in the New Zealand team as a useful weapon.
  2. He takes crucial wickets in the middle overs. It’s his variation that he does short balls.
  3. He pressurises the batsman to play a stupid shot and takes wickets with this strategy.

7] Mitchell Santner.

  1. He is quite an underestimated bowler as he gives trouble to the batsman.
  2. He spins the ball so well and fools the opponent, that sometimes batsman tries to come outside of their crease to play their shot.
  3. He is underrated as he is quite a dangerous bowler in the middle overs.

6] Shaheen Afridi

  1. Very talented bowler, I think he will be a superstar.
  2. His latest performances have been excellent.
  3. He has added variation in his bowling.
  4. His abilities in bowling are eye-catching and Yorkers are like Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis.
  5. I think in the final overs he needs to improve his death bowling, no need to give much room to the batsman to play shots.

5] Trent Boult

  1.  He is a good and dangerous bowler for the death overs.
  2. Death overs is a difficult time to play because of the peak form.
  3. He has not proved himself overseas well as compared in New Zealand.
  4. Once he proves himself overseas then he might become one of the best bowlers in New Zealand’s history.
  5. Sometimes people overestimate him as he has not many performances.

4] Jasprit Bumrah

  1. A great bowler, he knows how to contain runs for his team.
  2. He does not give extra runs apart from the no-balls. I like his Yorkers.
  3. His pace is quite lethal as he does not give room to the batsman.
  4. He always aims for the stumps.
  5. He balls so accurately that makes it difficult for the batsman to play.

3] Mitchell Starc

  1. I think one of my favourite bowlers When is on fire and in form,
  2. He is one hell of a bowler The way he sets up the batsman and varies his pace, so he can easily surprise the batsmen.
  3. His Yorkers are awesome, and the timing of the Yorkers is great as well and becomes unstoppable.

2] Kagiso Rabada

  1. I like his bowling style and aggression and some time he goes over the top.
  2. I like his aggression and can agitate the batsman Has a good record and his pace and accuracy makes him an asset to South Africa but
  3. He needs support from other teammates because all the pressure is on him Cricket is a team game.

1] Pat Cummins

  1. He has improved his bowling a lot in the last 3 to 4 years and takes key wickets in the middle overs has put good efforts and his variation is good
  2. He intimidates the batsman and forces mistakes by bowling short And takes the wickets,
  3. he was an average bowler before but now is a world-class bowler
  4. when he first came I thought he is just an average bowler because Australia is known for batting and bowling like Brett lee, McGrath, Shaun Tait and many more.

This is my list of Top 10 Bowlers in World Cricket, you may or may not agree it depends but I will be interested to know-

Who are your Top 10 Bowlers?

So make sure to suggest us about your pick of the bowlers in the comment box.

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