Cricket Commentators: Voice of the Game

Cricket Commentators: Voice of the Game

Commentators must add value to a broadcast. A good storyteller reveals events dramatically. A cricket commentator should first describe the key match events and then connect them to the strategy or mental conflict underlying them.

The importance of a cricket commentator

Sports and broadcasters should not be confused. Professional sports broadcasters in England consider cricket commentators to be “below them” in the production chain. The listeners are the most important customer. There are a number of advantages of the commentary over the script writer and producer, but the latter is still essential to the broadcasting chain. It is the broadcaster’s job to supply the service to the listening public and make it engaging. Broadcasters look for an experienced commentator. To find one, they look at the current and previous commentators’ body of work. They are the best examples of what they are looking for. Choosing the correct commentator A cricket commentator is chosen because of a need in a broadcasting chain. Some people are good at telling a story.

Choosing a cricket commentator

You must cast the net wide to find the right person for your cricket commentary role. The importance of voice, style and experience is huge. Research those who have extensive knowledge and a strong emotional voice. However, the most important quality is their capability to articulate the strategy or ideas of the team. Not everyone has the knowledge, and not everyone will possess the personality needed to become a good cricket commentator. Before you search for the right person, come up with three or four key attributes for a great cricket commentator, which will shape your company culture and support your recruitment strategy. This should include quality, attitude, confidence, intelligence and charisma. Ensure that you have the best people who can contribute to your company’s brand.

What are the different types of cricket commentators?

Commentators may broadcast sports with differing levels of interaction with the game, with some pure observers observing and reporting on the action. They may require less training and be able to break down an event into basic observations. Some commentators have to employ unique interviewing techniques, applying insider knowledge gained over years of experience. How does one become a cricket commentator? There are some general online resources you can start with, but should always consult a college instructor in your area to find out what coaching resources are available. You may even have to undertake extra training or do additional work after completing your training.

How to improve your commentary skills?

Test your game listening skills in a low-pressure environment. Immerse yourself in the way the commentator speaks and then ask yourself: Where is the information coming from? What are they saying? Why is it important? One of the most important parts of commentary is acting as a point of reference, clarifying, narrating and summarizing. “Help the listeners put things into perspective.” Learn about the history of a particular cricket ground, players, teams, games, and the match’s history. Leading players and cricket commentators share their knowledge with the listeners by explaining the technical aspects of the game in the sports’ history, focusing on the strategies of the players and the match situations. Have a plan for the style and tone of your commentary.


While there are various faces to the cricket commentary job, knowing the fundamentals and then learning to spot and exploit different facets of the job will give you a great head-start and perhaps your first step to a career as a cricket commentator.

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