cricket injuries rehabilitation and training

Cricket injuries rehabilitation and training 

Today we are talking about a important topic that is how to prevent injuries As a Fast bowler or as a cricketer.

injuries are the part and parcel of our life Although we can’t totally avoid injuries but To some extent we can prevent these injuries.

Cricket injuries rehabilitation and training 

Rapid increase in injuries

  1. The number of injuries to the cricketers of team India is increasing rapidly.
  2. In recent past there have been cases when players had gone on foreign tour hiding their injury, which showed up only during the course of play.
  3. This had had placed the team in some precarious position in the midst of the tour some times necessitating SOS calls for replacement from home.

Players know very well that they will only aggravate some nagging pain or recurring injury, if they don’t allow it proper rest.

They are also very well aware of the fact that they will peril their own playing life if they continue the game with the persisting injury.

Why cricketers hide their injury?

  1. Why is it then that Indian cricketers hide their injury and take the risk of playing for the national team?
  2. Is it sheer love of the game or burning patriotism, which push them to undertake such risk?
  3. Perhaps non! Perhaps it is the lure of lucre. Perhaps it’s the fear of losing one’s position in the team.

Disadvantages of injuries

  1. Today everyone knows that big money is involved in international cricket.
  2. playing for the national team not only enables the cricketers get heavy pay packet from the BCCI but a place in the national side
  3. also ensures advertisement contracts involving astronomical amounts in terms of money.
  4. Most of the players are also very much aware that now the competition is very, very though and one is not sure barring of course a player
  5. like Sachin Tendulkar that even after a forced absence from some matches due to injury, ones place will remain secure in the team.
  6. If the substitute player performs well, then the original player might find it difficult to make a come back.
  7. Haunted by this fear, the player hides his injury and tries to pull on with it so long as possible.

Reason behind injuries

  1. Now the most pertinent question is; why at all the cases of injuries among Indian players have become so rampant all of a sudden?
  2. The team physio and the experts have pointed out that the injured players do not get sufficient time and rest for recuperation.
  3. This is because the Indian cricket calendar is heavily burdened with international matches.
  4. India plays more international cricket than any other country in the world.

How to prevent injuries:-

  1. once you got any injury, your mental level goes down and you feel depressed.
  2. And it will take longer to get your hard earned performance to get back to your game.
  3. I will be sharing you my 8 tips with you as to How to detect and prevent sports injuries.

There are 8 surely working way to how to prevent from cricket injuries

No. 8 – Recognise the injury early

What you have to do is you have to recognise and detect any sort of niggle as early as possible And how will you do it ?

  • You will feel pain on the specific muscle where injury can come.
  • If you are feeling any sort of pain or feeling uncomfortable, then first diagnose it and stop bowling for some time.
  • Stop all the activities that you were doing and just work on your rehab Strengthen the muscle with progressive bodyweight exercises
  • Once you feel comfortable, you can progressively come back to your game.

No. 7Play different kind of sports

With cricket, you should play other games as well.

  • When we play a variety of sports we grow much as an athlete.
  • Try to play any of the variety of sports you like as these sports involve use of different muscles from cricket.
  • Take football for example – Playing football will help you to increase your stamina and agility as well
  • basketball involves lot of jumping that will increase your explosivity So it’s much beneficial to include a variety of sports in your schedule.

No. 6Take a day off

  • If you are training the whole week.
  • you are hitting the gym hard and doing your ground training as well These involves lot of work by your muscles and they tired out.
  • Also you feel tire as mentally as well So these muscles need to be recovered to become more stronger.
  • You have to take a full day off in a week, in which you will not perform any activity.
  • You will not bowl, you will not do any mobilty or stretching kind of stuff.
  • You have to take total rest Just eat and sleep So that your muscle recovers from the strenuous activities and your mind can relax.

The next day , when you are playing on field Your mind and muscles will be fully recovered and You can feel the energy in yourself So make space for a rest day in your schedule

No. 5 – Stay hydrated

  • We are in a environment, living in a hot area, And even this is the month of June, season of hot Summer.
  • So if you are playing or performing any sort of activity, then make sure to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Also you can take Electrolytes and BCAs in between.
  • So your muscles didn’t fatigue and is full of energy, no soreness at all.
  • So it’s important to keep your body hydrated Even between the Workout sets you have to keep hydrate yourself.

This will make sure that your muscles doesn’t fatigue and prevent you from injuries

No .4 – Use proper technique

  • If you are doing your gym session You have to use proper technique in every exercise You don’t have to do ego lifting Also your bowling technique matters a lot
  • when it comes to remain injury free If you are facing lateral flexion,
  • then you might have chances of injuries in your lower back Even stress fractures can happen In gym,
  • make sure you rest in between your sets and performing your exercises with full control and good form.
  • A proper Technique can help you to prevent injuries and provides you control as well Even you are sprinting,
  • you have to use proper technique So focus on your technique , it will help you a lot.
  • Lifting or bowling with wrong techniques can be the reason for your severe injuries.

No.3Take rest between sets

  • If you have a session of an hour, You dont have to train straight away for the whole hour.
  • So the muscles you have used can recover for the next set When you rest, the oxygen composition in your body increases That will help you to recover from the activity.
  • Also when u are bowling, you dont have to bowl Continuosly for 10-15 overs You have to take rest of 1-2 minute after each over And by this you can bowl 4-5 overs.
  • Proper recovery in between the overs will help you to apply more effort into the ball And will help you to prevent injuries by avoiding overuse of the muscles.

No. 2 – Eat a well nourished nutritious diet

  • As an cricketer and as an athlete, you have to take lean protein Include proper vegetables and fruits in your diet Which provides you vitamins and minerals
  • A good source of fats and carbs as well If you are taking proper diet,
  • you will have a far less chances of injuries and will have a better performance Because most of time, like you feel pain in your shin, that can be because of Protein loss
  • Not all Bowlers know this Many of the Fastbowlers are facing this problem without even knowing Normally a vegetarian guy can take 30-40 % of their protein from their home made foods.
  • And non vegetarian get 60-70% of their protein requirements.
  • This is less then their requirement Lackness of Protein vitamins and minerals can increase the chances of injuries.

So, make your diet plan and follow it , Invest now on your diet It will surely give you multifold returns.

So let’s move onto our last point.

No. 1Strength The prime reason

  • for most of the injuries is lack of Strength.
  • If your glutes lacks Strength, then you can have back injuries Likewise lack of Hamstring Strength will lead to niggles in your hamstrings Less Strength in shoulders lead to shoulder injuries.
  • So Make sure guys that you are properly Strengthning even your small muscles Core strengthening ,Glute Strengthning, Hamstring strengthning Flexibility and mobility routine.
  • Your muscles get stiff when u do Strength training And if you are not doing Mobility and stretching,
  • Then you are increasing your chances of injuries So it’s compulsory to make mobilty exercise your daily routine.
  • So the stiff muscles get released Right ! But make sure one thing that you should not do stretching straight after your bowling It will harm you more than good And not after Workout You have to perform your mobility stretches after 30-40 minutes.
  • You can use foam rollers, they are best ! You release stiff points with the foam rollerd Mobility is great for your joints health And stretching is great for muscles wellness.

So these are the some points that you have to take care of if you want to avoid injuries and play longer Watch this video 2-3 times and write down the points and practice it.

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