Indian cricketer who played for other country

Indian cricketer who played for other country

cricket a sport which is liked throughout the world and there is no shortage of indian talent in this field. many players of indian origin have been selected in many foreign teams. we’ll tell you about some of them. 

Indian cricketer who played for other country

Nasser Hussain:-

Nasser Hussain, former england cricket team captain was born in madaras,india. hussain’s father was an indian and his mother was british. nasser hussain captained the english team for a long interval of time. hussain captained england in 45 test matches. he proved to be the 4th best test captain for england. the english team playing under hussain, won 17 matches out of 35. hussain proved to be the most controvertial player in the last stage of his cricketing career. in the 2003 worldcup,england was thrown out in the leaue matches itself. after this , he was compelled to leave captancy. 

Shivnarain chandrapaul:-

Shivnarain Chandrapaul a great batsman playing for west indies. has made a prominent palce in international cricket. he has made many records in his cricketing career. chandrapaul is the first indo-carrebian player to play 100 test matches. he has captained west indies in 14 test and 16 one day matches as well. he has, till naow played 161 test matches for west indies. in which he has struck 30 centuries and 66 half centuries with this he has made 11776 runs he has played 268 one day matches as well. in which he has struck 11 centuries and 59 half centuries. he has made 8778 runs.

Monty Panesar:-

Monty Panesar a top spinner to play for england is the first sikh player who was selected to play. his parents migrated to england in the 1970’s. he has been the most affluent spinner for england. he is able to spin the ball with the help of his fingers. duncan fletcher a great cricketer of his time considered him to be a great spinner. he has played 50 tests and 26 odi. he has taken 168 wickets in tests. 12 times 5 wicket holder. and 2 times 10 wickets. 

Hashim Amla:-

Hashim Amla the man to strike a triple century in test playing for south-africa is a cricketer of the indian origin. he was born in indain originated african family. he has been a part of gujrati family. he has helped south-africa in winning many important matches. amla has played 82 tests for south-africa. in which with the help of 23 centuries and 28 half centuries, he has made 6757 runs. his highest score has been 311 runs. he has played 103 odi’s as well. in which with the help of 17 centuries and 25 half centuries , has made 4946 runs. 

Deepak Patel:-

Deepak Patel former middle order batsman and an offbreak bowler to play for the new zealand team. was a player of indian origin. who didn’t play for india, but was a famous player for new zealand. he played 37 tests and 75 odi’s for the kiwis. leaving them many players of indian origin are there. who play for foreign teams and light up india’s name.

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