Length of cricket pitch and ground measures

Length of cricket pitch and ground measures

Batting and bowling is important for cricket but it is very important for you to know that on whom you have to play.

Yes I am talking about the cricket pitch, today we will talk about what happens after the measurement of a total area cricket pitch,

what is its correct measurement and what is the distance of the particular lines that are blocked.

Length of cricket pitch

Length of cricket pitch

First of all we know about the total area of ​​the cricket pitch, in which all the marking is done in a cricket match.

what is the total area, if this total area is seen in lunch, then it should be at least 22.56 meters.

Length of a cricket pitch from wicket to wicket20.12 (66 feet)
Length of a cricket pitch from crease to crease17.68 (58 feet)
Length of a cricket pitch from edge to edge22.56 (74 feet)
Width of the cricket pitch used during the game3.05 (10 feet)
Total width of the cricket pitch3.66 (12 feet)



Width of Cricket pitch

If we talk about 74 feet length, then talk about this area,

if we talk about the width, then it should be 3 3.8 metres, then 12 feet was the least that you would have distance from 1 to the other side.

Length of cricket pitch in metres

It should be 20.12 meters, if we look at it.

Time you have to keep in mind which one will suit you half on the Bowl increment, after putting something behind the Bowl  increment in this way,

Length of cricket stumps

Each set shall be 9 in/22.86 cm wide and shall consist of three wooden stumps with two wooden bails on top. The tops of the stumps shall be 28 in/71.12 cm above the playing surface and shall be dome shaped except for the bail grooves.

Must have gone on such a line, which is marked on the ball increment in some way, it is an indicator for danger zone, it has to be raised 1 foot from the middle stump, it goes both left side and off site.

Bails of cricket stumps



Bails measuressize
1]Overall length4.31 in/10.95 cm
2]Diameter of stumps2.13 in /5.40 cm
Longer spigot
Shorter spigot
1.38 in/3.50 cm
0.81 in/2.06 cm


length of Popping Crease

The length of popping crease in cricket is 8 ft 8 in/2.64 m in length.

Pay attention to one more important measurement, then you must have seen a mark in this manner in front of the popping crease i.e. where the meeting stands, the mark of this method basically indicates the danger area. About its distance of 5 inches, which is done on and off site, so friends, it is very important for you to know something important if you are a cricketer.


If you want to make a career in cricket, then you have to know about this. It is very important.

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