Mashrafe Mortaza, birth, Age, height, Stats, his sacrifice story.

Mashrafe Mortaza, birth, Age, height, Stats, his sacrifice story.

Mashrafe Mortaza biography

He is known as the life span of Bangladesh National Cricket team. This big hearten man has no penury to give up 100 of him for his country. It can easily be said that he loves this Twenty-two-yard cricket ground more than his life. and to Keep the audience deluded by the extraordinary performance in the field.

Mashrafe Mortaza biography

Mashrafe Mortaza quick information:-

  1. Full name: Mashrafe Bin Mortaza
  2. Birthdate: October 5, 1983,
  3. Birthplace: Norail, Jessore, Bangladesh
  4. Height: 6 feet 1 inch
  5. Batting style: Right-handed
  6. Bowling style: Right-arm fast medium
  7. Spouse: Sumona Haque Shumi
  8. Religion: Islam
  9. Zodiac sign: Libra
  10. Profession: Cricketer, Medium Fast Bowler (Bangladesh)
  11. Role: Bowler and Bangladesh Cricket Captain
  12. Mashrafe Mortaza Net Worth: US $1.2 Million

His childhood and nickname

This legendary cricketer was born on 5th October, 1983 year in Narail district. He was restless in his childhood and teenage. His father and mother called him Koushik as his adorable name.

Restless Kaushik did not have much mind in his studies. He loved to play football and badminton than study by hiding his father’s eyes.For these reasons, always he had to bear scolding from his father.

At the time of childhood adolescence, he liked another thing very much. Swiming in the Chitra river near the house.

Mashrafe Mortaza friends

Going around with friends, stealing coconuts from the trees, then going to the ferries, chatting and hanging out – it was his daily work. Even now, who has now conquered the heart of millions of people as Mashrafe Mortaza of the international cricket world, Recognised as our national hero Still now Mashrafe mortaza act same like the Koushik of his Childhood.

The same chat with friends, traveling, biking, spending time on Chitra Bridge.

Mashrafe Mortaza Cricket journey

Now let’s go to look back a little bit towards is cricket life. His age was 18 years old. Home series against Zimbabwe.

He got the call to join in the team In the same year on 23rd November, Mashrafe mortaza was introduced in one-day cricket with Fahim, Muntasir and Tushar Imran.

Former West Indies fast bowler Andy Roberts, the temporary coach who took a look at his dynamic and aggressive bowling while playing for the Under-19 team.

In 2009, from the the West Indies series the responsibility of the captain took over the Mashrafe Mortaza. But what a brutal mockery of fate, he fell into a serious injury to the first match. Then after about one and a half years again came back to visit Europe with the team.

For the first time, England defeated Bangladesh by his captaincy. But then he again falls into the serious injury. Because of this injury, he could not play in the 2011 World Cup on his own home ground! Speaking on the ideological aspect of Mashrafe, everyone believes that he do not play for money but plays for the country. There are may days when childish Mashrafe mortaza played by taking pain killer injection. Mashrafe mortaza said,

“I have earned more than enough money in my life for me and my family. I only play for my country. I want to play cricket for long and long time for my country. ” The another legend of India, Sourav Ganguly, once said about his self-sacrifice that, if we had a Mashrafe mortaza also. Operation table knife has been run several times in his two legs. Still nobody could stop him.

After all the operations,he is still playing cricket only for Bangladesh. Like him, many giant players have retired for injuries. Players like Brett Lee, Shane Vaughan, Andrew Flintt could not return to cricket after injury. But Mashrafe mortaza is playing with such kind of same injuries. Because he believes that his life is only for Bangladesh So he can dedicate his life if necessary for the victory of Bangladesh.

Mashrafe Mortaza batting

Mashrafe mortaza is a cramped batsman. In the second ODI in Dhaka against India, he hit 4 sixes in successive 4 balls. He scored 26 runs from that over, which is the highest score in an over for a Bangladeshi batsman.

Mashrafe Mortaza Sacrifice Story:-

Now we are saying a very pathetic story of sacrifice for Bangladesh cricket.

His five-months old son is very sick for long time. His son, Sahel Mortaza, was admitted to the Apollo hospital in a very serious condition.

Mashrafe mortaza mother Hamida Mortaza said,

’21 injections have to be given. Only six were given, yet 15 left. His son had fallen ill before going to Australia. Doctor’s formed a board for his son. There were other treatments in parallel with injection.

It was natural to be broken by listening to the news of the child, but how can he be broken? The great responsibility of Bangladesh team was on his shoulder! So he did not break.

The country was the first priority to him! On the eve of the country’s inspiration, he jumped for the fire test of the first match. And how amazingly he flamed on that day.

When Mashrafe got fired on the field, what happen to the opponent on that day, surely it is known to everyone.

Pains are his constant companions. Not only in mind, the pain was also in the body. He did not get tired to fight with the injury, he did not break; Stood up repeatedly. Back to the field with new charm and Showed the highest performance.

Knee injury could not prevent him. he does not get so stupid to make himself a hundred percent.

A book on Mashrafe Mortaza:-

Because he is one and only Mashrafe Bin Mortuza Sports journalist Debabrata Mukherjee wrote a book about Mashrafei named ‘Mashrafe’.

To know Mashrafe’s thinking about religion, life, cricket, politics, we can present some parts from this book- Debabrata asked to that he played in a divisional competition in the beginning of 2001 in Dhaka under-17.

In the next few months, he came into the Test match. How was life? Mashrafe answered,

I used to think every day, will they broadcast our match? If I knew, they will boradcast then I would think, today is the last time everyone sitting in the house to see the game. Today I have to play the best cause this is the last match and never show on TV. I did not allow this idea to be lost. I still think before every match that this is my last match that can be seen on TV Then everything is over and I have to do something in this match.

In this days, many people think cricket as a part of patriotism. And they compare them with the hero of Freedom fighters. Let’s see what actually Mushrafe thinks on that matter.

Cricket is now a place of patriotism. I’m always talking about it, Cricket is a very small matter than a country. one of the many small mediums in a country, cricket can be just a single part.

Cricket can never be a symbol of patriotism. Straightly sports is an entertainment. But the entertainment has now become the main issue of the country.

Today, we are being called as greatest star, the hero is being said, the myth is being made. These are all things to escape from reality. Debabrata asked, then who is the star? Who is real hero Mashrafe Mortaza said,

The star is a doctor! The star is the labours, who are building the country.

Those who are making buildings with bricks, those who are making things for us in the factory or who are the rice growers in the field, They are the real stars. The hero is freedom fighters, they gave life. By knowing the death they went to the Front for the country What do we do.

We take money and do perform. We are also performing arts like an actor, singer. No more than that. The freedom fighters did not stand in front of the guns that they would get money if they win. Who are we comparing with whom? If there are any heroes in the cricket, they are Rakibul Hasan, Shaheed Jewel who fought for the country and have dedicated their life.

The part of this conversation makes clear that how noble Mashrafe Mortaza thinking world, how he fosters the spirit of patriotism What should be the attitude of a leader who represents a country, we get this lesson from Mashrafe mortaza life. Mashrafe mortaza is a devoted soul, which can not be analysed in a few words and sentences. He is another history of Bangladesh. The story of such a legend can be written only in the love of millions of people.


People also search about Mashrafe Mortaza,

What is the role of Mashrafe Mortaza in Bangladesh team?

Mashrafe Mortaza is a Bangladeshi international cricketer and politician who is the former captain in all three formats of the game for the Bangladesh national cricket team.

Where is Mashrafe Mortaza from?

Mashrafe Mortaza is a Bangladesh cricket player and a politician. He was born in `Norail, Jessore, Bangladesh

Is Mashrafe Mortaza married?

Yes, Mashrafe Mortaza is Married. His wife’s name is Sumona Haque Sumi.

What is the age of Mashrafe Mortaza?

He was born on 5th October 1983. So, he is 38 years old.

Mashrafe Mortaza Nickname

In his childhood he was given the nickname kaushik

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