Why is Cricket not in Olympics?

Why is Cricket not in Olympics? Detailed information

Cricket is a very popular game in today’s date, its popularity is increasing day by day. This game, which started in England in the sixteenth century, is played in more than a hundred countries today.

In India, becoming a cricketer is more famous that it is considered a religion, so why is the cricketer not a part of the world’s biggest sports event, the Olympics.

Why is cricket not in Olympics?

History of Olympics

Game was played only once in multiplex in Archery Hundred and after that till date cricketer has not been able to be a part of Olympics so in today we will also see all reasons.

India has won only 9 gold medals in the Olympics till date, but there is also a game that if played in the Olympics, then the chances of winning India’s gold medal will increase a lot and this game is cricket.

Cricket was played in Olympics for the last time in NIT Hundred, it was played in the second edition of the Modern Olympics.

Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has shown interest in making cricket an Olympic spot.

Reasons behind the cricket not played in Olympics:-

There are many reasons behind the absence of cricket in the Olympics.

1] popularity:-

  • cricket is not played in any other big country other than Australia and England.
  • The resistance of cricket is very low in America, China, Japan and many European countries.
  • But these are the countries where the Olympics are most watched.
  • Even though there are more than one billion cricket fans in the world today, cricketers are such a sport whose dominating is only in some countries.
  • It’s Not a World Wide Game Like Football, This Problem is also with baseball.

2] Time:-

  • Olympics is a 15-day sporting event.
  • In these 15 days, almost different Twenty Eight sports are played but cricket is a game which is very different from other sports.
  • This is because today the cricketer is played in three formats, Test matches, One Day International and T Twenty.
  • If we talk about the shortest format i.e. T20, then it takes about four hours to complete a T Twenty match.
  • If even 10 teams participate in the Olympics, then it will take a lot of time to organize matches for all the teams.
  • Sometimes the solution is also given that another format of cricket t ten should be introduced.
  • It will increase the popularity of cricket around the world and cricketing will also fit into the definition of Olympic sport.That is, fast and strong.

3] Stadiums:-

  • Properly maintaining cricket stadiums and pages is very important but not every country has good stadiums and not only that, but also the cricket pitch has to be repaired before every game.
  • The next three Olympics are going to be held in Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles.
  • Isn’t it a mainstream sport in all three countries in Japan, France and America, so there are no world class stadiums and screws?
  •  If new stadiums are built in the Olympics for cricket as well, the budget of the Olympics which is already very high will increase, so hosting cricket for Olympic City will be more of a loss than an advantage.

4] Lack of Support:-

  • ICC wants to make cricket an Olympic spot for the last several years, but for this, ICC needs the support of cricket boards of many countries and one of these cricket boats is BCCI i.e. Board of Control for Cricket in India.
  • Unless the ICC gets the support of the BCCI, it is impossible for cricket to become an Olympic sport.
  • Here the importance of BCCI is very high because in all the profit generated from cricket, almost half of the contribution is from India and BCCI does not want to make cricket a part of Olympics because in this case many powers of BCCI will end and BCCI will no longer be a completely independent body.
  • All these powers will go to the Indian Olympic Association.
  • BCCI is behind making cricket so popular in India and no one wants the condition of cricket to be like hockey.
  • Along with this, there are many other such regions as well.
  • Even if cricket becomes a part of politics, the value of winning the Cricket World Cup will be more than an Olympic gold.
  • This is because there are more teams in the World Cup, which increases the competition and also the World Cup matches are held on a very professional stadium and pitch.

The only reason behind the ICC making cricket an Olympic spot is to take cricket to as many countries as possible. but what the truth.

I will do so. The T20 World Cup is held only once in two years, but if T20 becomes a part of cricket politics, then this T20 World Cup will be held only once every four years.

So will it benefit cricket? Even now when cricketers are not a part of the Olympics, many new countries are joining cricket.

A recent example is Afghanistan and as far as popularity is concerned, today cricket is the most watched and played team sport in the world after football.

Will cricket be a part of Olympics or not? This decision will be of the cricket boards and even if the cricketer becomes a part of the Olympics, it will soon be burnt.

Weight quintal weight loss will be played in the Olympics only, but it is very important to take the right decision for cricketing to remain a popular game in the future.

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